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In the early morning hours of Tuesday, Mar. 16, 2021, federal agents, local law enforcement, and half a dozen other 3-letter agencies kicked in the doors at the Free Talk Live studio, the Bitcoin Embassy, and the Shire Free Church, arresting 6 individuals and confiscating several Bitcoin vending machines, computers, and other personal items over the bastardly crime of selling crypto without the governments permission slip. One of these hard core activists, moving for the Free State Project and part of the greater libertarian migration to New Hampshire, Ian Freeman took the case to trial in late 2022. The prosecution dropped 17 of 25 charges and while lost on the handful of remaining counts the war for peace and freedom in New Hampshire is just beginning. For extensive coverage check out the videos to the right and follow us on Telegram, Matrix, and Mastodon via the links below.

I blogged daily for the entire 10 day trial in an effort to ensure complete coverage of the Crypto6 case. You can find summaries of testimonies and each days events here: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, Day 5, Day 6, Day 7, Day 8, Day 9, Day 10. For more information such as additional sketches, photos, videos and links to third party coverage check out the Telegram and Matrix links below.

Now that the trial is over you may be wondering whats next? Well, Ian did unfortunately lose on all of the counts that the prosecution eventually took to trial (they did drop 17 of 25 counts though prior to the trial starting), but these loses doesn't mean it's over. After the hearing we should find out whats next, but one thing is for sure Ian will be appealing every count on various grounds so stay tuned.

Ian Announcement on his & Aria's sentencing hearings: "I received news from the federal court that my sentencing date has been postponed again until July 17th at 10am at Federal court in Concord, NH. This may not be the last delay, so if you want to attend, just pencil it in on your calendar. I will update if it changes again. The good news about the delay is it gives you more time to write a letter to the judge if you haven’t yet done so. Please see the details on how you can do so, here."

Hopefully Aria’s sentencing happens this Tuesday April 25th at 10am at 55 Pleasant St. in Concord, as hers has already been put off several months and she’s pretty frustrated by all the delays. If you can make it out to watch, my attorney says that can help. However, please stay tuned to the calendar entry here or on-air over the next few days to ensure it doesn’t get postponed again last-minute."

If you are able to attend the address of the sentencing hearings is: US District Court, 55 Pleasant St, Concord, NH 03301.

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