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In the early morning hours of Tuesday, Mar. 16, 2021, federal agents and local law enforcement kicked in the doors at the Free Talk Live studio, Bitcoin Embassy, and Shire Free Church, arresting 6 individuals and confiscating several Bitcoin vending machines, computers, and other personal items over the bastardly crime of selling crypto without the governments permission slip. One of these hard core activists, part of the greater libertarian migration to New Hampshire, Ian Freeman will be taking the case to trial in late 2022. For extensive coverage check out the videos to the right and follow us on Telegram, Matrix, and Mastodon via the links below.

We also have confirmed dates and times for the trial. Jury selection will happen on December 6th and the trial will start immediately after. The trial is anticipated to take 10-14 days (no trial on Fridays & weekends though). The current plan is to hold a protest immediately following the trial outside the courthouse on December 12th @ 5PM. Please show up 15 minutes early or immediately following the trial as there is little daylight left at this hour and we need video & photos. Anticipate mainstream media. If you need to grab a camera make sure to leave the trial a bit early as cameras/electronics aren’t allowed in the courthouse. Also, if coming to the trial itself don’t forget to bring a state ID or passport (you may not be granted entry otherwise, though all are encouraged to resist any demands, demand proof).

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